Never pay another ad agency monthly retainer again

We believe that we should only make money when you make money. We don’t charge a monthly retainer like most other agencies. Instead, you pay a small fixed fee for each new client that arrives for a pre-booked appointment at your spa as a result of our work.

You don’t pay for the booking, you pay when the real client shows up. If they don’t show, you don’t pay, period.

We think that’s better for everyone. 

  • Our interests are aligned with your interests. 
  • You don’t feel like you’re paying for something and not getting results. 
  • You’re able to turn up and turn down the flow of new clients to fit your current availability.

A different Agency Model...

No Lock-in,
No Retainers,
No Long-Term Contract

You invest in marketing to get patients in the door and dollars in the bank. We believe your marketing agency should deliver Bankable Results™. We’re confident enough in our unique approach that we guarantee results, or you don’t pay.

We like to keep things simple…

Client Acquisition Strategy

Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads

Appointment Booking + Follow-up

It's Time for Your Marketing to Deliver Bankable Results™

1. Book Your RightFit™ Call

2. Get a Custom Patient Appointment Strategy

3. See More Patients Every Week

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m glad you asked. There is none. We believe the best way to keep great clients, like you, for the long-term is to align our interests with yours. So, no catch.

When you get started, you pay a small, one-time Launch Fee. If we don’t deliver at least 30 new client appointments that show within 60 days, we’ll refund your Launch Fee. 

Your only ongoing expense is the direct cost of ads to the online ad service(s)–you pay these directly to Facebook or Google, just like you do now. And, you’re in control of the monthly ad budget. 

Once ads start to run, you can expect to see new clients in the very first week.

We only accept one client in each city to prevent conflicts and prevent running competing ads. Contact us to find out if your city is available.

We understand that whatever you invest to acquire a new client must be profitable for you. We work with you to develop an offer that makes you profitable on the first transaction with your new client. And, we help you design premium upgrade offers to maximize your long-term relationship with each client.

The first step is to book a RightFit™ Call where we can meet, get to know one another, and determine if we’re a fit. If we agree that we’re a match, we’ll schedule a Launch Call, build your custom app, and get your ads running.

Let's find Out if We're a Fit for Each other...

The only way you'll know if we're a fit is to schedule an easy, 15-minute conversation. If we both think there's a fit, we can decide together what to do next, fair?

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